Anonymous: 'Haz told me...' His face is just so ... Idk he actually hesitates and looks embarrassed. This just adds to the long list of things I need to know. Like, I'd pay to know what Harry said to Louis after the candy thong incident.


That whisper after the candy thong is one of my top whispers too!



I consider it as one of the things that proves they’re more than friends… friends don’t get upset about friends letting other dudes eat candy off their junk, and then need to go whisper something intimate to them as though they’re apologizing/promising to make it up to them in some kinda way right after.

And with this one, how he builds up it, where you can see him thinking about how he wants to say it but isn’t sure if he should right then, how he gets embarrassed just after he says “Haz told me” (which says enough), how he covers his mouth…. it’s obviously something good. Either something really sappy or something kinky. Otherwise why get embarrassed?

damnitharry: "#DARK HARRY" stop urself






Who’s got the nicest ass in the world?


this fucker

…. Hello have u got a minute to talk about our lord and saviour Louis Tomlinson

Anonymous: Top 5 outtings??


oh my

there are so many outings (mainly because harry outs himself 90% of the time he tweets)

but here we go:

5. When Niall says that two of them are together after asked about relationships

4. Liam saying they’re in a relationship when Louis says that people genuinely believe that

3. When Harry said he doesn’t eat pussy 

2. When they made the Mario Kart innuendo

1. When Harry confirms him and Louis are dating

  • louis: how do you want your tea babe?
  • harry: sugar milk and a baby would be nice
  • -
  • louis: thank god temperature's raising next week
  • harry: you know who's not raising
  • harry: we are cause we don't have a baby to raise
  • -
  • louis: lou teasdale called she wants to meet up tomorrow
  • harry: oh nice she can bring her child to make up for our lack of one
  • -
  • louis: concert's in an hour i'm so nervous
  • harry: not for the birth of our baby i'm afraid
  • -
  • louis: the lads are coming over for a movie tonight but i'm having trouble choosing one
  • harry: well the footage of our child's first steps words dates and marriage is out of question
  • -
  • louis: sorry love can you pass the salt?
  • harry: sure lou can you pass me our baby?
  • harry: oh wait